BCM Solution Motor Solution

    Motor Development Board

    The motor development board is composed of two boards, MCU control board and power driven board. The two boards are connected by a 34-PIN IDC cable.

    Keil Installation
    Follow these steps in ATC_AC781x_DevelopBoard_RM_CH.pdf》, section: Development Environment Preparation to download and install Keil environment.
    Software Packs Path

    TC FOC motor control algorithm software, named ATC_FOC.rar. Unzip the RAR file , the software structure of FOC algorithm can be listed, mainly including the following parts: 

    (1) FOC_App:

    a. Moduleinitialization

    b. Get Hall state,calculate motor speed

    c.PID initialization and  PID controller

    d. Phase currentsampling

    e. ADC interrupt,execute FOC algorithm during ADC interrupt

    (2) foc_control.lib

    a. SVPWMimplementation

    b. Clark/Parktransform implementation

    c. Hall angleself-learning function

    Module Initialization

    The following modules, PWM/PWDT/ADC/GPIO, are ulitilized in the motor control algorithm.  Initialization settings should be done to the above mentioned modules respectively.

    Follow the detailed introduction in 《ATC_AC781x_FOC_Porting_Guide_CH.pdf》.

    Hall Angle Self-learning Function
    In order to match motors of different types, ATC Demo software includes Hall angle self-learning function,which can detect automatically the corresponding motor angles of the Hall in each state.
    Set the variable of g_startHallAngleCal to 1,  the Hall angle self-learning function just can be acted. After that, the angles of each states will be saved in g_InitAngleCal[7]. Then add 30 degree to each angle in the g_InitAngleCal[7], and then fill them in _hallAngle_degree_120[MAX_HALL_STATUS].

    The motor development board supports the development and debug of the following types of motors:

    Motor type Control mode Voltage range
    BLDC- With Hall Six step square control 12~48V
    BLDC-Without Hall Six step square control(using counter emf ) 12~48V
    PMSM-With Hall FOC 12~48V
    PMSM-Without Hall FOC + SMO 12~48V

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